About Velocity PowerSpot

What is Velocity PowerSpot?

Velocity PowerSpot is a PowerPoint add-in that keeps your presentation slides automatically up to date with multiple data sources.

How is Velocity PowerSpot better than existing office functionality to link excel files with PowerPoint?

  • PowerSpot allows you to link information to other data sources  than Microsoft Excel like Access Databases
  • PowerSpot Allows you to format the data from data sources as you do to a text box, integrating your data with your presentation’s design.
  • PowerSpot links the information to your data source files in a more efficient way so your PowerPoint file size does not increase even if you have multiple links to multiple data files within your presentation.

What data sources does Velocity PowerSpot support?

We currently support MS Excel files (xls, xlsx, xlsm) and Microsoft Access databases. 

How much does Velocity PowerSpot costs and what support it includes?

You can download Velocity PowerSpot for free. 

We offer additional services to streamline your data, create your team templates, or automate further your workflow using RPA. For more information contact info@velocityrpa.com

How do I ask for help or submit product feedback?

PowerSpot is simple to use, you can find User Guides, as well a form to submit feedback in our Support Page.